Lost & Stray Pigeons

Report a Stray, Lost, Injured or Found Racing Pigeon!

Racing pigeons are well trained by their owners but sometimes they can get lost due to dehydration, etc. If you see a pigeon that is weak and lost try to catch it (if it can get away the bird is most probably okay).

Lost racing pigeons can be very hungry and tired because they are used to being fed and watered by their owner so if you have one in please give it some water in a small (but deep) container and maybe some food (eg. rice, dried peas, lentils, wild bird seed). Lost racing pigeons are also in great danger from predators such as cats and hawks.

A racing pigeon maybe identifiable by a name and telephone number stamped on it's wing feathers you can check for this by gently holding the bird and stretching the wing out and a stamp will be on the end feathers (it's is important to check both wings).

Also sometimes racing pigeons carry telephone rings and you can check for that on the birds leg (a metal identification ring is on all racing pigeons but is not a telephone ring). If the bird has been lost during a race it will have a rubber ring on one leg too (ignore this as it can not identify the owner). If there is no owner identification on the bird please note the metal (plastic covered) ring number (usually on the right leg).

Numbers are 'GB2011D89985' or 'NEHU2011Sun4554' or 'BELGE2011658756 the first letters on the ring identify which union the bird belongs (Prefix - below). The rest of the ring number is classed as the identification 'part' this should be given to the pigeon union that you wish to deal with.

Royal Racing Pigeon Association (GB)
The Reddings, Nr. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. DL51 6RN
Tel: 01452 713529
Online: www.rpra.org

North of England Homing Union (NEHU)
58, Ennerdale Road, Walker Dene, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE6 4DG
Tel: 0191 262 5440
E-mail: lostbirds@nehu.co.uk
Online: www.nehu.co.uk

North West Homing Union (NWHU)
279, Mossy Lea Rd, Wrightington, Nr. Wigan. WN6 9RN
Tel: 01257 421271
E-mail: terry.nwhu@talktalk.net

Scottish Homing Union (SU)
231A, Low Waters Road, Hamilton, Lanarkshire. ML3 7QN
Tel: 01698 286983
E-mail: enquiries@shuonline.co.uk

Welsh Homing Pigeon Union (WHU)
Old Timothy's Yard, Llanfoist Street, Ton Pentre, Rhondda. CF41 7EE
Tel: 01443 441010
E-mail: gail@whpu.org.uk
Online: welshhomingpigeonunion.moonfruit.com

Irish Homing Union (IHU)

Online: www.irishhomingunion.com

Please Note:
Serial Letter 'N' rings report to:
Mr J Hughes, 44, Ashbourn Park, Lambeg, Lisburn. BT27 4NS

Serial Letter 'S' rings report to:
S. Lehane, 69, Lorcan Crescent, Santry, Dublin 9.

National Pigeon Association (NPA)
Tel: 01458 851617

Royale Federation Colombophile Belge (BELG)
39, Rue de Livourne, Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium.
Tel: 010 32 2537 4134
E-mail: nationaal@kbdb.be
E-mail: national@rfcb.be
Online: www.kbdb.be

Federation Nationale Des Societies
Colombophile de France
54, Boulevard Carnot, 59042 Lille, Cedex, France.
Tel: 010 33 20 068187
E-mail: lost@colombophiliefr.com
Online: www.colombophiliefr.com

Nationale Sporttauvenzuchter
Vereingung in der Deutschen (DDR)
Demokratischen Rebublik Federation Colombophile Nationale, 1071 Berlin, Wicherstrasse 10, Germany.

Verband Deutscher Brieftaubenliebhaber E.V. Essen (DV)
Schonleinstrsse, 43,PO BOX 1792, West Germany.

Bureau NPO Landjuweel 38 (HOLL/NL)
3905 PH Veenedaal, Holland.
Tel: 003 131 851 4583
E-mail: bureau@npo.nl

Federacao Portuguesa de Colombophile (PORT)
Rua Padre, Estevao Cabral No. 79, Sala 205, 3000 Combra, Portugal.

Royale Federation Colombophile (ESP)
Eloy Gonzalo nÂș 24 MADRID - Spain.

American Union (AU)
Karen Clifton
Tel: 405 848 5801
E-mail: augrow@aol.com
Online: www.pigeon.org

American Homing Pigeon Fanciers (IF)
Mr J Rotondo, 107, Jefferson Street, Belmont Hills, Pennysylvania, USA.
Online: www.ifpigeon.com